Hemorrhoid and pile treatments - How to get rid of hemorrhoid naturally


Hemorrhoid And Pile Treatments 

Hemorrhoids (or piles as they are commonly called) are one of the most painful things to deal with. Hemorrhoids are caused when small veins in the lining of the anus and lower rectum swell.  Usually there is no reason to be concerned and some are so small they go away on their own.  But some are larger and can cause bleeding, itching and swelling on the inside and the outside.  It is suggested that the cause is from strain and that constipation can cause the pressure in and around the anus to multiply and that it can lead to hemorrhoids.  

This is a common problem during pregnancy when you are carrying extra weight.  Due to the fact that as we get older the tissues in the lining of the anus gets less supportive, the size and  harshness they are may be gauged from 1 to 4.

Grade 1 - Small swellings on the inside that can't be seen or felt from the outside.  They are very common.

Grade 2 - Bigger than Grade 1 and may be partly pushed out when you use the bathroom but then they go away.

Grade 3 - These actually hang out of the anus and sometimes you can actually feel them.  But on a positive note you can take a finger and push them back in.

Grade 4 - These are permanent and hang down and they can't be pushed back in.  Some times the Grade 4 can become very large.  

Now that we know what hemorrhoids or piles are lets' discuss how to get rid of them.  First and the easiest is putting no strain on yourself when you go to the bathroom.  Not only do you need lots of fiber in your diet but you also need stool softener.  Remember you need all the strain off of you.  Drinking plenty of water will help you a lot to.  Some of the water will be absorbed and will soften up the feces.  On your prescription medicines you need to avoid painkillers that have codeine in them.  Codeine is a big cause of you having constipation.  Don't skip over the feeling when you need to go to the bathroom.  Of course if you go to the drugstore you can find ointments, creams and suppositories.  Some of these have been sold for years and actually do help however they won't cure it.  Some that have steroids can help with inflammation and swelling. Very painful hemorrhoids are unusual and as far as the pain goes it can usually be helped by an ice bath and maybe some pain pills.  

For hemorrhoids that are Grade 2 and 3 or larger there is a surgical procedure called Banding that can be used but it doesn't always work,  There are several different medical procedures that can be tried.  One is to inject sclerotherapy Phenol in oil and then injected into the bottom of the hemorrhoids.  Then they will just die and fall off. There is electrotherapy  infrared coagulation, and diathermy, but the success rate is not as good as the band.  There are several other medical procedures you can use that might help you. If you do get them treat them as soon as possible and do it with a vengeance.